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Champion Idlebeck Limited Edition (Tilly)

Idlebeck Al Abama (Al)

Champion Idlebeck Bobbydazzler (Dazzle)

Idlebeck Calico Caper (Maisie)

Idlebeck Bebopalula (Coco)

Idlebeck Eliza Dolittle (Eliza)

Show news from the wider Idlebeck family











Tilly (Champion Idlebeck Limited Edition)


After a promising start to her show career as a kitten, Tilly started her adult career at 10 months at the London Cat Club show in June 2006, where she was 2nd in her Open but did well in side classes. In her next four shows in July, August, September and October, she was awarded her CC on each occasion, gaining her Championship at 14 months. Our thanks to judges, Mrs Leighton, Mrs Wren, Mrs Heavens and Mrs Lorton-Hobbs for her 4 CCs and for such encouraging comments in their show critiques.
(aged 9 months)

Tilly then had an 11 month break from showing to concentrate on motherhood and, after a tragic end to her first pregnancy in December, went on to produce five lovely healthy babies at the end of March, all of whom were very nice but we did feel that one little Lilac girl (Dazzle) looked a bit special.
As she was now developing a more 'mature' shape, we decided to try taking Tilly to the Wyvern Cat Club Show in Birmingham on 8th September 2007. When she won her Open, BOB and CC we were pleased - when she was also awarded the Reserve Grand Certificate we were delighted. Our thanks to Mrs Anderson and Mrs Kaye and also to her side class judges.
A fortnight later,at the South Western Counties Cat Club Show in Taunton, Tilly won her Open, BOB, CC and also the Grand Challenge Certificate. Many thanks to Mrs Walkden and Miss White for her awards.

As Tilly no longer enjoyed going to shows, we decided to retire her and let her stay at home. There she continues to delight in supervising everything that goes on in the kitchen, office and especially the bathroom! When she can spare the time from all her important household duties, she continues to produce more beautiful babies.

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Al (Idlebeck Al Abama)

At his three shows as a kitten at the beginning of 2007, Al had some encouraging results, including 1st and BOB twice and several wins and other placings in side classes.

(at his first show, aged 4 months)

He went off, for the first time as an adult, to 'fly the flag' for the Chocolates at the Three Counties Cat Club Show on 18th August 2007. Winning his Open Class, he was also awarded BOB and his first Intermediate Certificate and also had good results in his three other classes. Many thanks to Mrs Higgins for his Certificate and also to the judges who gave him his side class places.
At the Red, Cream & Tortie show at the beginning of November, he was once again awarded his IC and BOB, together with some respectable side class places.Our thanks to Mrs Heavens for his second certificate
The National at Olympia was his third adult show and, despite him not liking the huge hall and very 'intrusive' crowds, he was awarded his third IC plus BOB by Mrs Miles. Thank you.

Starting 2008 with the West Country Cat Club show in January, he was once again awarded his IC and BOB, also having some excellent side class results. Many thanks to Mrs Gregory and his other judges.

Due to a combination of stud duties and being out of coat, Al did not go out again until the National Cat Club Show in November. Many thanks to Mrs Wren for awarding 1st in his Open together with his fifth IC and BOB.

At the West Country show in January '08, aged 15 months  

Al had now contributed 5 Intermediate Certificates towards the necessary qualifications required for recognition of Championship status for the Chocolates, which they went on to be awarded in June 2009. As he sometimes seemed to find shows a bit 'scary', we decided not to continue to compete him for his championship and felt that he would be happier staying at home - entertaining his ladies occasionally, being a proud daddy and generally overseeing all that goes on in the garden and field from his 'palace' grounds.


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Dazzle (Champion Idlebeck Bobbydazzler)

Dazzle had her first outing when she went, with her big cousin Al, (who gave her some good advice on smiling nicely and being polite to the judges), to the Three Counties Show in August 2007. We were delighted when she not only won all her classes, but was chosen, at under 5 months, as overall Best British Shorthair in Show. Our thanks to all her judges, but most especially to Mrs Prowse who chose her as Best British Shorthair Kitten and also to Mr Hansson who then awarded her overall Best British Shorthair. She really enjoyed herself, especially all the cuddles she had from judges and stewards.
(aged not quite 5 months)


Joining her mother, Tilly, at the Wyvern show, Dazzle once again had a 'red card' day, winning her Open, BOB and all her side classes - and getting a few more cuddles as well! Thank you to Mrs Kaye and all her other judges.


(at the Wyvern show '07)

At Taunton on 22nd September, Dazzle won her Open, BOB and went on to be Best British Kitten in show. Many thanks to Mrs Ivinson for her kind comments and her congratulations. Dazzle also won 2 of her side classes but her winning run was finally ended when she came 2nd in the AC British Breeders Kitten to her friend and sparring partner, Maisie.

Dazzle finished her kitten career at the Supreme in November and loved the pretty drapes in her pen. She thought it was a bit odd being carried around the hall to the judging ring but kept smiling and purring and was rewarded with another Open and BOB award. Thank you Mrs Brooks.

(at the Supreme '07)

Starting her adult career in January 2008 at the West Country show, Dazzle was awarded her first Challenge Certificate and was well placed in her side classes. Many thanks to Mrs Anderson and all her other judges.
She then went to the Southern Counties show at Reading where she won her second CC, BOB and had some good side class results. Thank you to Mrs Matthias and others.
At the Bristol & District show on 16th March she was awarded her third CC, becoming a Champion at 10½ months - very many thanks to Jan Bradley. She also had excellent side class results. Thank you to all her other judges as well.

A month later, at the Surrey & Sussex show she gained another CC and good side class results. Thank you Mrs Brooks.
As Dazzle spent most of the day making eyes and giggling at the boys opposite, we decided that she would now stay at home for a while - apart from a trip we planned for her to a visit a very handsome gentleman!














Maisie (Idlebeck Calico Caper)

Maisie joined Tilly & Dazzle at Taunton for her first outing in the show world. Winning her Open and BOB, she also won all her side classes. Our thanks to Mrs Ivinson and her side class judges. She enjoyed her day out - now she knows what the others are talking about when they have "been to a show" and she feels quite 'grown up'. Beating her friend, Dazzle, seems to have given her a definite 'swagger' once she was home again!

(at Taunton, aged 4 months)

A month later she went off to Maidstone to the Kentish Cat Society show, gaining 1st in her Open and BOB and good side class results. Many thanks to all her judges.

She accompanied the 'Chocolate Gang' to travel to the Red, Cream and Tortie show where she once again won her Open and BOB, also winning two of her side classes and being well placed in the other. Thank you Miss White.


(at the RCT show, aged 7 months)














Coco (Idlebeck Bebopalula)

Coco (who lives with the younger Actons in Surrey), travelled to join her Idlebeck family at two kitten shows in 2007, being awarded Open 1st and BOB on each occasion and with some pleasing side class results.

(at East Grinstead, aged 7 months)

She started her adult career in March 2008 when she very bravely went (all on her own!), to the Southern British show and was awarded 1st Open, her first Intermediate Certificate, & BOB, and also a trophy for Best Chocolate British in Show.Thank you Miss White.
Joining her sister, Dazzle, and brother, Bertie, at the Surrey & Sussex a fortnight later, she again won 1st Open, IC and BOB. She also had some excellent side class results. Many thanks to Mrs Bradley and her other judges.












Eliza (Idlebeck Eliza Dolittle)

Eliza went to the London Cat Club Show on June14th 2008 to see what she thought of this 'showing' that she had heard the big girls talk about. She had a very successful first outing, being awarded 1st & BOB in her Open and two 1sts and a 2nd in her side classes. Then, much to our delight, she was also awarded Best British Shorthair Kitten. As she was much more interested in the toy mouse that she had been given, we helped her out with the bottle of bubbly! Our thanks to all her judges, especially her Open judge, Mrs Heavens, and Mrs Ivinson who chose her as Best Kitten.
(aged 4 months)

On August 16th she went along to the Three Counties Show and took her brother Nimo with her. The Boss and the Missus were away on holiday so the two kittens offered to teach 'Aunty Heidi' all about showing cats! She coped very well and they both had a good day as well. Eliza won 1st Open and BOB and was only beaten in her side classes by her brother! Many thanks to all her judges.
At the South Western show on September 27th she won 1st Open and did very well in her side classes. She was amazed when her big softy of a brother, Nimo, got so much attention. All those judges should just see him at home - where she definitely keeps him in order! She has decided that they obviously didn't notice that she actually beat him into 2nd place in one class!! We would like to thank all her judges, especially Mrs Prowse and Mrs Shingleton.
At the end of November she joined her future husband, Al (first date?!), at the National for her debut adult show. She was awarded 1st Open and her first CC, also having pleasing results up against all the big girls in her three side classes. Our thanks to Mrs Higgins, Mrs Hamilton, Mr McConnell and Mrs Ivinson .
After raising a litter of kittens, Eliza returned to the show bench but it soon became obvious that she was no longer happy to be there. So we made the decision to keep her at home where she is much happier looking after babies - and still playing with her toys!

































































































































































to the owners of each of these members of the extended Idlebeck family - and thank you for loving them and making them a part of your own family


Idlebeck Burlington Bertie (15b) - owned by Brian & Maire Roberts

Red, Cream & Tortie CS Show (April '07) - 1st - Open Chocolate Kitten

Surrey & Sussex CA Show (March '08) - 1st - Open Chocolate Neuter, BOB and Intermediate Certificate


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Idlebeck Enry Iggins (15), Idlebeck Eager Beaver (15b) & Idlebeck Eddie Eagle (15c) all owned by Peter & Patsy Edmonds

London Cat Club Show (June '08)

1st Open & BOB Black Kitten,1st Open & BOB Chocolate Kitten and 1st Open & BOB Lilac Kitten respectively

National Cat Club Show (November '08)

1st Open Black Male Adult, 2nd Open Chocolate Male Adult and 1st Open, CC & BOB Lilac Male Adult respectively

Southern Counties Cat Club Show (January '09)

Idlebeck Eddie Eagle - 1st Open, PC & BOB Lilac Neuter

London Cat Club Show (June '09)

Idlebeck Eddie Eagle - 1st Open, PC & BOB Lilac Neuter

Bucks, Oxon & Berks Cat Society Show (September '09)

Idlebeck Eddie Eagle - 1st Open, PC & BOB Lilac Neuter

Congratulations Peter & Patsy on 'Mr Lilac's' Premier title


National Cat Club Show (November '09)

Idlebeck Eddie Eagle - 1st Open, GrPC & BOB, Best British Neuter

Surrey & Sussex Cat Club Show (March '10)

Idlebeck Eddie Eagle - 1st Open, GrPC & BOB

London Cat Club Show (June '10)

Idlebeck Eddie Eagle - 1st Open, GrPC & BOB


Congratulations Peter & Patsy on Mr Lilac's'Grand Premier title










Red, Cream & Tortoiseshell Society Show (October '10)

Idlebeck Eddie Eagle - 1st Open & Imp. GrPC


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Idlebeck Hooray Henry (15b) - owned by John & Jeanne Harris

Somerset Cat Club Show (June '09) - 1st - Open & BOB Chocolate Kitten




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